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The Versatile Adrienne Nims

Music that moves you; body AND soul!

Adrienne has released a new CD "Lady of the Loch".  Click here for more details.

Adrienne is featured in the musical score of the KPBS program "San Diego Above And Beyond".

Adrienne was a featured artist in the San Diego Troubadour in July.  
Click here to read the article.

Welcome to my website and email list.  Sharing music and making contact with all of you who are kind enough to attend my performances is a source of joy.  You are truly a source of inspiration to me, and, for this, I am grateful.

I wish you all peace, health and happiness--Adrienne
Adrienne Nims's passionate energy and dazzling musicianship as a solo artist and with talented bands create an inspiring and unforgettable entertainment experience.  Her dynamic, sensual voice on the saxophones, flutes and many more global indigenous instruments express not only a vast array of musical culture and style, but the magic and mystery of life.

**Adrienne Nims and Spirit Wind at the Tony Gwynn Gala**

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